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Cuba (December 2015)

Travel Affidavit

1. US State Department Travel Affadavit (Overthrowing the government was on the schedule after lunch and before the art museum.)


2.  National Assembly of People's Power (Look like the US Capitol Building with palm trees? Don't tell the Cuban government. It claims that the parliament was inspired by the Pantheon, which the US Capitol also happens to be modeled after.)

Havana Cathedral

Havana Cathedral Crèche (Christmas) (Catholicism was severely restricted under Castro after the Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961 until 1992 when an amendement to the constitution declared Cuba a secular, not atheist nation. Today, church attendance 
remains low, except among the four-legged kind.)

US Embassy

4. The US Embassy to Cuba (The embassy reopened in August 2015 but without an ambassdor. The Cuban government installed the flagpoles, now empty,
to block the view of the embassy, when the US government under George W. Bush used an electronic ticker to broadcast pro-democracy messages from the embassy. The Obama administration turned the ticker off and the flags were removed).