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Greece (June-July 2015)

In July, Greece voted in a controversial referendum against the terms of its third bailout and threatened to leave the Eurozone, 6 years after the country's economic crisis began. At the time, Greece's debt was estimated at 320 billion Euros.

1. Economic-related graffiti (Saloniki)
2. Graffiti covering closed shops

In July, Greece closed banks temporarily, passed austerity measures limiting daily cash withdrawls to €60 for Greeks, and forbid international money transfers.  These actions provoked long lines at ATMs and crowds outside banks of frutrated pensioners who lacked ATM cards to withdraw cash electronically.

ATM Lines

2. Long ATM lines

The same month, Greece's parliament approved austerity measures and economic reforms (e.g., cutting pensions, raising the retirment age and expanding property taxes), and received its third economic bailout from international creditors.


Gran Meteora (Meteora)
5. Mt. Olympus (Litochoro)

Although some tourists were temporarily scared off by the bailout negotiations in July, as the UK warned travellers to bring enough cash to cover the costs of their entire trip despite the fact that credit card transactions were not restriced, tourism remained strong in 2015.