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Peace by Design Cover 2009. Peace by Design: Managing Intrastate Conflict through Decentralization (Oxford: Oxford UP).  (Abstracts: PDF | Data)

Democracy Protests Cover 2016. Democracy Protests: Origins, Features and Significance (New York: Cambridge UP). (Chapter Summaries | Excerpt: PDF | Data)
[Discount Code: Brancati2016].   Paperback to be published March 2017.

major articles

2006. "Decentralization: Fueling the Fire or Dampening the Flames of Ethnic Conflict and Secessionism?" International Organization (July): 651-685. <<Winner of 2006 APSA Burdette /Pi Sigma Alpha Best Paper Award.>> (Abstract: HTML |   Paper: PDF | Data)

2007. "Political Aftershocks: The Impact of Earthquakes on Intrastate Conflict. " Journal of Conflict Resolution 51 (5): 715-743. (Abstract: HTML | Paper: PDF| Data)

2008. "The Origins and Strength of Regional Parties." British Journal of Political Science  38(1): 135-159. ( Abstract: HTML | Paper: PDF | Appendix: PDF | Data)

2008. "Winning Alone: The Electoral Fate of Independent Candidates Worldwide."  Journal of Politics 70 (3): 648-662. (Abstract: HTML | Paper: PDF | Appendix: PDF | Data)

2011.  "Rushing to the Polls: The Causes of Early Post-conflict Elections" (with Jack L. Snyder).  Journal of Conflict Resolution 55 (3): 469-492. (Abstract: HTML | Paper: PDF | Data | Codebook)

2013.  "Time to Kill: The Impact of Election Timing on Post-conflict Stability" (with Jack L. Snyder). Journal of Conflict Resolution 57(5): 822-850. (Abstract: HTML | Paper: PDF | Data | Codebook)

2014.  "Democratic Authoritarianism: Origins and Effects."  Annual Review of Political Science 17: 313-326. (Abstract: HTML | Paper: PDF)

          2014.  "Pocketbook Protests: Explaining the Worldwide Emergence of Pro-democracy Protests. " Comparative Political Studies 47(11): 1503-1530. (Abstract: HTML | Paper: PDF)

            2014.  "Another Great Illusion: The Advancement of Separatism through Economic Integration." Political Science Research and Methods  2(1): 29-95. (Abstract: HTMLPaper: PDF)

             2014.  "The Determinants of US Public Opinion towards Democracy Promotion." Political Behavior 36(4):705-730. (Abstract: HTML | Paper: PDF)

             2014.  "Building Confidence in Elections: The Case of Electoral Monitors in Kosova. " Journal of Experimental Political Science  1(Spring): 6-15. (Abstract:HTML | Paper: PDF)

             2015.  "Socially Relevant Ethnic Groups, Ethnic Structure, and AMAR" (with Jóhanna Birnir, James D. Fearon, David D. Laitin, Ted Robert Gurr,  Stephen M. Saideman, Amy Pate,
                         Agatha S. Hultquist),  Journal of Peace Research 52(1): 110-115.

major working papers

Modern Dictators: Olympic Sports and Regime Stability

                See News Coverage: Julia Ioffe, "How the Kremlin Tried to Rig the Olympics, and Failed," The Atlantic, 6 December 2017.                            

           Why Democracy Protests Do Not Diffuse (with Adrián Lucardi)

minor articles/chapters

2004. “Can Federalism Stabilize Iraq?” The Washington Quarterly 27(2): 7-21. Reprinted in Reshaping Rogue States: Preemption, Regime Change and U.S. Policy toward Iran, Iraq and North Korea. 2004. Cambridge: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press. (Paper: PDF)

2005. Pawns Take Queen:  The Destabilizing Effects of Regional Parties in Europe, Constitutional Political Economy (Special Issue) 6 (2): 177-192.

2013.  Why was 2011 the Year of the Pro-democracy Protest? The Washington Quarterly 36(1): 25-35.

2015. A Not So Great Awakening? Early Elections, Weak Institutions, and the Risk of Violence (with Edward D. Mansfield and Jack L. Snyder).  In Managing Conflict in a World Adrift. Edited by Pamela Aall, Chester Crocker and Fen Hampson. Washington  DC: USIP.

2016.  The 5 Ws of Democracy Protests."  In Oxford Research Encyclopedia for Politics, edited by William R. Thompson. Oxford: Oxford University Press.


          2017.  "Elections and Peacebuilding: Why the Timing and Sequencing of Transitional Elections Matter." Electoral Integrity Initative. Policy Brief #4. Geneva, Switz.: Kofi Annan Foundation (with Annette M. Fath-Lihic)

            2017.  "USAID Theories of Change Research Initiative: Paths Away from Authoritarianism" (contributor, academic expert)