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my commentaries

Senate Testimony,  Senate Foreign Relations Committee (Chair: Sen. Joseph R. Biden, Jr.), April 3, 2008.

The Libyan Rebels and Electoral Democracy: Why Rushing to the Polls Could Reignite Civil War (with Jack L. Snyder),  Foreign Affairs (Snapshot), September 2, 2011
     Reprinted Global Public Square CNN.com 2 September 2011.

Was the Election Fallout in Egypt Predictable? St. Louis Dispatch, 23 June 2012.

Economic Integration Through the EU is Unlikely to Increase Support for Independence Movements in European StatesEUROPP: European Politics and Society 31 July 2014.

Why the 2014 Israel-Gaza Conflict is Not a Just War? Jewish Federation of Saint Louis, @ Brennan's Saint Louis MO,  13 August 2014.

Why the Iran Nuclear Agreement is a Good Idea, Central Reform Congregation,  Saint Louis MO,  9 September 2015.

The U.S. Embargo Didn't Push Cuba Toward Democracy.  Neither Will Its End.  So What's the Point? (with Javier Corrales),  The Washington Post (The Monkey Cage),  30 March 2016.

Rebel ‘Wives’ on Broadway: An
Interview with Evelyn AmonyPolitical Violence at a Glance, 10 June 2016.

Trump has threatened to rip up the “deal” with Cuba. Would that work? (with Javier Corrales),  The Washington Post (The Monkey Cage), 29 November 2016.


          Julien Russell Brunet, "Old wounds, New Violence in Belfast," MacCleans.CA, 9 August 2009.

          Sanlian Lifeweek (China),
2 May 2013

         Julia Ioffe, "How the Kremlin Tried to Rig the Olympics, and Failed," The Atlantic, 6 December 2017

commentaries on my work

        Peace by Design (reviews):

Aisling Lyon,  Journal of Peace, Conflict and Development, 10, March (2010): 107-109.
David S. Siroky,  Political Science Quarterly, 125, 1 (2010): 147-148.         
Stefan Wolff,  International Peacekeeping, 17, 3 (2010): 395– 407.

        Jack L. Snyder,  Rushing to the Polls,  Foreign Policy, 26 July 2010

        Jay Ulfelder,  Peace *and* Elections in Afghanistan?Dartthrowing Chimp, 18 April 2012.

        Amy Zegart,  The Shortsighted Presidency,  Foreign Policy,  2 February 2014.

        Mircea Kivu,  Partidele Regionale – Oportunitate sau Pericol? Romani Liberi, 20 January 2015.

    Democracy Protests: Origins, Features, and Significance: (reviews):

          Tevfik Murat Yildirim, LSE Review of Books,  9 August 2017.
          Anjali Thomas Bohlken. 2017. Perspectives on Politics,  15(4), forthcoming.
          Journal of Human Rights, forthcoming.